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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) is a body based form of therapy where we  bring attention to the body, observing and noticing the way the body holds or manifests anxiety, tension and stress. The body's response to trauma is instinctual and based on animal defenses; the fight, flight or freeze responses are basic survival mechanisms to deal with predators and danger in the wild. In humans, trauma can result from natural disaster, terrorism, medical illness, and war, but also can be a result of interpersonal assault/ neglect/ and abuse. In many of these situations, the fight flight response may have been impossible (we cannot always leave or find safety). The resulting response is often a state of shutting down (sometimes referred to as dissociation) which is a last ditch survival mechanism. When the body is either shut down and frozen, or hyper-vigilant and on high alert due to a well developed fear response, it is very difficult to make mental connections. Words are not enough. In sensorimotor and body oriented psychotherapies, we use a "bottom up" as opposed to "top down" approach. Entering in through a non verbal, somatic route, rather than forcing words or cognition to tell the story, facilitates healing. By noticing and working with the body's natural responses, we can get a handle on managing overwhelming trauma. I am a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapy practitioner, and a professional Sensorimotor Consultant. 

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