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2014 Potomac Art Therapy Association Professional Scholarship Award:

This award is given annually to a member of the Potomac Art Therapy Association who is a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist and who demonstrates excellence in professional scholarship. Tally Tripp exemplifies this excellence by her outstanding leadership and commitment to the education of art therapy students, the supervision of art therapy graduates, and the promotion of the art therapy field through providing continuing education to others in mental health professions.


Tally Tripp has been a member of both the American Art Therapy Association and the Potomac Art Therapy Association since 1978, the year she received her Master’s degree in Art Therapy from The George Washington University Art Therapy Program.  She is a registered, board certified art therapist (ATR-BC) and a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW), with a private practice in art therapy and psychotherapy, which she started as a group practice with several colleagues in 1986. Tally’s clinical experience includes an extensive career working in psychiatric hospitals with children and adolescents. During that time, she supervised students from GW’s Art Therapy Program and was involved with novel applications of Art Therapy with Guided Imagery. After earning a Master’s degree in Social Work through the University of Maryland in 1986, Tally worked as a lead social worker with children at a hospital where she spearheaded an innovative program of Multi Family Art Therapy.


Tally has been associated with George Washington University since graduate school (Art Therapy 1978-81), as a Field Supervisor (1981-1990), as Adjunct Faculty (1990-2005), as Director of Graduate Studies (2005-2008), and as Assistant Professor and Director of the Art Therapy Center (2009-present). Tally has continued to inspire students through her teaching at GW and through her current role as Director of the GW’s Art Therapy Center in Alexandria, VA. Tally’s leadership in the area of launching and directing the GW Art Therapy Center is particularly notable, as for the last several years the clinic has made a growing impact in the community by offering low cost, confidential art therapy services to the Alexandra, VA and broader DC metro area. Therapists in the art therapy clinic are second year GW Art Therapy Program graduate students who work under the direct supervision of registered and board-certified art therapists and licensed mental health professionals.  Tally herself has supervised art therapy graduate interns at the Clinic in the last 3 years and these students have had unique and fulfilling opportunities to work with clinic clients as well as learn about the operations of an outpatient practice model. Tally also directed the operations of the clinic overall, ensuring high-quality and ethical provision of services while maximizing learning opportunities for the students.  For more information about the GW Art Therapy Center, go to:


Throughout her career, Tally has been a collaborator with other mental health professionals. She has taught at the Schools of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, Howard University, and Catholic University as well as at the George Washington University art therapy program. She is well known as an expert on trauma treatment and is a founding member of the Washington Trauma Forum, a member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation Master Trauma Group and the Greater Washington EMDR Consultation Group. Tally has presented on her work both nationally and internationally to diverse audiences and her article, “A Short Term Approach to Processing Trauma: Art Therapy and Bilateral Stimulation” was published in the American Journal of Art Therapy. Her work in this area clearly demonstrates her dedication to art therapy education and outreach. This award recognizes Tally Tripp’s valuable contribution to the education of art therapists and others as well as promoting appreciation and understanding of art therapy cross-disciplines.

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